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Experience the best that Italy has to offer! These Two high revving italian engines scream as they approach their 9000rpm redlines!

Start off in the Ferrari and go 6 laps around our track which now includes our quarter mile straight integrated into the laps! Now you get 6 laps with 6 full throttle sprints included! No stopping, just high speed action! How fast will you go?


Then get behind the wheel of the amazing Lamborghini and do it all again! Unleash 560 horsepower during 6 more laps around the track with 6 more full throttle sprints included! Experience how these cars were meant to be driven; With no limits! This package includes a VIP T-Shirt, and the most time behind the wheel of these supercars!

Both cars have an Automatic Transmission with paddle shifters.

* Our expert coach will ride along with you in the passenger seat. Don't worry - he's not there to be your nanny - they are there to coach you to push the car, and yourself!

**Drivers must be 19 years old with a valid drivers License. “N” Drivers OK

VIP Ferrari & Lambo Combo: 6 Laps including 6 Full Throttle Sprints

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  • 6 Laps around our track in the Ferrari including 6 Full Throttle Sprints

    6 Laps around our track in the Lamborghiniincluding 6 Full Throttle Sprints

    Professioanl in-car coaching

    North Shore Exotics VIP T-Shirt

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