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Get into the drivers seat of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 and do 2 laps around our track which has been redesigned to include our quarter mile straight! Now you get 2 full throttle sprints included right in the laps! No stopping, just high speed action! How fast will you go? Experience how these cars were meant to be driven; With no limits! 

Available for purchase is our video package. Get all the footage to prove it!

* You will have our professional coach ride along with you in the passenger seat. Don't worry - he's not there to be your nanny - they are there to coach you to push the car, and yourself!

**Optional Insurance available for purchase on location

***Driver must be 19 years old with a valid drivers license. "N" Drivers OK

2 Laps including 2 Full Throttle Sprints - Lambo

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  • 2 Laps around our track with 2 Full Throttle Sprints Included!

    Professional in-car coaching

Instagram: @northshoreexotics

Vancouver, BC

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